Understanding the physical legacy real estate development leaves behind, Community Three’s work marries the greatest modern design elements with successful and sensitive historic preservation efforts. Each residence, office space, or retail establishment, from massing to detail, is specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s consumer while providing an ample palette for adaptation and individualization.

Some of Community Three’s recent Interiors work includes:

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Learn how Community Three’s building practices contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

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Eighteen elegantly appointed residences comprise this boutique property, with instant access to one Washington's most vibrant entertainment and commercial hubs. The top floor hosts a one-of-a-kind penthouse, offering direct elevator access and sweeping southern views of the city skyline. All while the ground floor commercial uses are restored at the property with renewed vigor, adding excitement to the street level and a completion to the restoration of this high-profile intersection.

The Schafer

The Schafer includes a bouquet of luxury residences, each individually designed to take advantage of the building's one-of-a-kind architectural features.
With residences named for each of the home’s original stately rooms, no two residences are the same. Complete with a grandiose entrance hall staircase, intricate wood-paneling, and leaded glass windows, each resident can live the lifestyle previously reserved only for Washington’s most elite.


The Centrie is the new Washington – repurposed, refreshed, reborn. With clean lines and modern appointments, each one of Centrie’s twenty-two residences lives bigger than its size and uses natural light to its maximum potential. With direct access to hotspots like the 9:30 Club, Howard Theatre, and countless restaurants and shops, this locale's urban renaissance has set a city-wide example.

The Residences At St Monicas

KCMA Certified Cabinetry at The Residences at St. Monica's

This one-of-a-kind property is host to unparalleled residential living, with each residence taking advantage of the former church's special architectural features. From the heavy timber beams in the high ceilings, to the dramatic 100-year-old stained glass windows, the design of each new residence pays tribute to the property's long and storied history.

Park MacArthur

Upon first inspection, the team at Community Three immediately saw potential in the building. While the structure itself was sound and stable, the interiors were in desperate need of attention after years of use and deferred maintenance.

Completing a targeted design plan, Community Three implemented a carefully-choreographed renovation approach - one specifically targeted at reworking areas that ultimately created one of the neighborhood’s best addresses.

M Street Flats

Low flow fixtures at M Street Flats

Community Three reinvented the property, beginning with the restoration of the original Victorian facade and replacing the original iron staircase with reclaimed original and newly cast iron elements. The body of the building was completely reconceived as a large contiguous building with an internal courtyard – a design strategy that made each new residence completely unique, all with ample natural light.

The Nine

Low flow fixtures at The Nine

Community Three also coordinated its efforts with its contractors, materials suppliers, and design consultants to create a comprehensive sustainable approach that would increase the finished building's energy efficiency and minimize its impact on the natural environment. By targeting the most appropriate strategies that would increase future energy efficiency without increasing project cost, Community Three created a proactive system for efficiently conserving building energy.