Victorian Reborn

Each of M Street Flats’ new residents can take pride in owning a one-of-a-kind new home, built on the foundation of a citywide collaborative effort and a proactive approach to historic preservation, and ultimately share in the renewal of Washington’s historic neighborhoods’ magnificent architectural assets.

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Historic Preservation


In May 2007, led by the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services, "Operation: Fix It," a multi-agency initiative aimed at abating crime and blight, completed a collaborative cleanup effort at the property. Following that effort, Community Three saluted this public initiative by restoring the stylistic value inherent in the Victorian building with an inventive design solution, ultimately returning the majestic property back to service.


Community Three reinvented the property, beginning with the restoration of the original Victorian facade and replacing the original iron staircase with reclaimed original and newly cast iron elements. The body of the building was completely reconceived as a large contiguous building with an internal courtyard – a design strategy that made each new residence completely unique, all with ample natural light.

Low flow fixtures at M Street Flats