Sustainability DNA

The Nine represents a solution to the challenges of an irregularly-shaped site that is host to one of DC’s last remaining Civil War stables. Working closely with historic preservation officials, Community Three set in motion a rigorous sustainability plan, detailed almost brick by brick, to restore the endangered structure.

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Vegetative roof at The Nine
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Historic Preservation


The task began with careful design of the new infill structure, taking advantage of the massing and detailing inherent in both the original stable and the 1920s-era commercial storefront. Community Three carefully restored both facades – ultimately bringing new life to the neighborhood's commercial corridor as well as to Naylor Court, the intimate, pedestrian-oriented mid-block thoroughfare.


Community Three also coordinated its efforts with its contractors, materials suppliers, and design consultants to create a comprehensive sustainable approach that would increase the finished building's energy efficiency and minimize its impact on the natural environment. By targeting the most appropriate strategies that would increase future energy efficiency without increasing project cost, Community Three created a proactive system for efficiently conserving building energy.

Low flow fixtures at The Nine