Community Three’s mission is to create value within communities through the successful development of underutilized real estate. Community Three seeks investments that, with the addition of relevant expertise, knowledge and skill, improve the fabric of the community while rewarding investors for their measured risk. Our company is committed to the timely evaluation of investment opportunities and mindful of its commitments to all stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of successfully implementing practical and innovative development solutions.

In support of this mission,

  • Community Three operates with honest and ethical practices in an open and cooperative atmosphere, allowing it to better interact with its partners and the community at large.
  • Community Three provides active and continual leadership in the communities it serves, as well as suggests balanced and practical solutions for its projects’ stakeholders.
  • Community Three acknowledges the impact of successful and suitable design strategies on a community’s social and physical development. It intends to establish and champion efforts that compliment traditional urban design and support the use of regionally appropriate architectural forms to support this cause.
  • Community Three aims to redefine the relationship between developers, architects and consultants as true partners invested in the entire development process, and in doing so, strives to create a more symbiotic relationship between decision makers and design leaders.
  • Community Three recognizes the legacy of its actions, and because it is accountable for the impact it makes upon its social, economic and ecological surroundings, it chooses to implement appropriate sustainable practices and educate its colleagues, clients and investors as to their benefit and purpose.


Community Three is a full-service real estate development company, experienced in providing first class development leadership throughout the entire public process. It pairs a unique strategy for realizing the potential of underutilized real estate with an efficient operational structure to ensure the timely and successful execution of its development and investment targets.
Community Three’s services include:

  • Community Outreach
  • Proforma Analysis
  • Concept and Product Design
  • Market Trends and Drivers Assessment
  • Zoning and Building Code Analysis
  • Construction Oversight and Quality Control Management
  • Site Acquisition
  • Marketing and Product Sales Strategy
  • Public Process and Approvals Support
  • Historic Preservation

Community Three is registered with the District of Columbia as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE).



Each Community Three project investment strategy is tailored to specific investor goals, physical constraints, and market needs.  As such, Community Three has successfully collaborated with a broad range of investment partners – including family and institutional offices.  Community Three has also established an investment partnership with Allyson Capital, who since 2007, brings extensive residential and mixed-use investment experience to its projects.


Some of Community Three’s recent awards include:

Delta Associates Best Washington/Baltimore Boutique Condominium


Washington Business Journal Best Real Estate Deals Finalist

The Schafer

Delta Associates Best Mid-Atlantic Boutique Condominium

The Schafer

Historic Mount Pleasant Design Award

The Schafer

DC Office of Planning Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation

The Residences At St Monicas

Best Conversion of the Year

The Residences At St Monicas

Green Building Design Award Finalist

The Nine